There is an acute medical need in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Health Care e.V. therefore offers help for the people who have no access to the health care otherwise.


We believe that our donors like to know what is happening with their money. Therefore, we put our facts on the table!

Still, we are able to keep the costs of the association very low and to keep the cost in minimum limit. The original reports and other documents are available as PDF files for download.

The free reserves were formed according to the rules in force. For the construction of the first clinic in Dhaka and 2 ambulances, a earmarked reserve in the amount of Euro 00.00. The variable capital (Net income) will be used in a timely manner in accordance with the Articles of Association. Further to the formation of free and assigned reserves please refer to the financial statements.


We want to thank you very much for your generous support and we hope that soon you will have the opportunity to see the success of your donations on site. The poor Bangladeshis will delight over the visit of its providers and sponsors from Germany.

We work together effectively to serve the people